About me . . . where to begin. I am happily married to my husband of 12+ years, Thom, who is a retired letter carrier with a talent for writing, singing, and performing music. God has blessed me with a wonderful son (Jim), a superb daughter-in-law (Becka), and five awesome grandchildren (Hannah, Miriam, Simone, Levi, and Sophie). Blending my family with Thom’s, I also have two great step sons (David and Craig), two great step daughter-in-laws (Joy and Brenna), and three more awesome grandchildren (Davey, Katey, and Charlotte).

I retired in December 2010 from my position as Administrative Services Manager at the Apple Valley Fire Protection District where I worked  for over 15 years.   Thom and I moved to Oregon in March 2011 and we are truly enjoying it here.

I enjoy reading (Stephen King/Dean Koontz type stuff, romance, true crime), music (country, rock ‘n roll, pop), and vacationing. Iget a real kick out of  playing games on the computer and/or Wii system.   My latest “toy” (a retirement gift) is the i-phone.  What a cool invention it is!   I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy texting.

The most important focus in my life is my family – all of them. The joy that the grandchildren bring to life is overwhelming. Seeing the awe and wonder in their eyes, watching the joy and excitement in their actions, and hearing the honesty in their words makes the world about me so much brighter. Giving love and support to all my family – husband, parents, in-laws, children, grandchildren, friends – and receiving the same back; that is what makes my world a happy one.

I have been blessed by God in so many ways; and I thank Him often. I see His hand everywhere in my life and in the world around me. He was there when I made poor choices in my life; and He guided me back to the right path and provided better choices for me. Some people say you can’t see, touch, or hear God . . . I see Him every day in the sunrise, flowers, moon glow, the smile on a stranger’s face; I feel His touch when my son gives me a hug, a grandchild takes my hand, or a cool breeze caresses my face; and I hear Him in the birds’ songs, the whisper of the wind through the trees, and in the laughter of children at play.

This blog was a gift from my son and I hope to make it an enjoyable place to visit – for myself, for my family, and for my friends. So, thank you, Jim, for giving me this new adventure to explore. Welcome to any and all who come here to visit. You will be my companions on this adventure and I look forward to sharing, listening, and learning.

This blog was created by Luann’s son, Jim Goings. Jim hopes that she will share a piece of her life with the world.