February 9th, 2013 by luann

I had total knee replacement surgery on January 8th and I have to say “OUCH!!!” with capitals and exclamation points.  Although I presumed there would be a significant amount of pain, I was not prepared for how much there actually is.  I’m four weeks past surgery now and still have to take a pain pill to get any sleep at all.  I was so discouraged and tired at my last physical therapy appointment, that I spent the whole hour in tears, nearly begging them to tell me when the pain is going to stop.

I’m happy with physical therapy overall – they have some awesome people there.  I didn’t expect physical therapy to be easy and it certainly is not.  According to my physical therapists, I am doing exceptionally well as far as swelling going down, incision healing up, and my flexibility.  I’m happy about that also; and I’m very dedicated to doing all the exercises they expect me to do so that I can heal quickly and get back to normal.  If it weren’t for the ongoing pain that sometimes ebbs a bit but never completely goes away, I would be pretty happy.  As it is, I am pretty much exhausted from never getting uninterrupted sleep due to the pain waking me up when I roll over or move my leg in my sleep.  I am longing for just one night of uninterrupted sleep.  I’m sure I would feel refreshed and more able to face each day.

Like I said, I didn’t expect it to be easy . . . I just never imagined the pain being so harsh nor lasting so long.  I’m told, since I’m entering my fifth post-op week , that things will start getting easier and I’m holding on strongly to that hope.  I know I don’t see all that clearly when I’m sleep deprived, so I have to  cling to the hope that getting this knee replacement was the right thing to do.  Today, I think my pain was a bit less than it has been.  It’s 4:30 p.m. right now and usually I’m grimacing and pushing through to pass the time until 10:00 p.m. when I can take a pain pill and go to sleep to get some small respite.  Right now, my leg is bothering me in a hard aching sort of way, but not so much in the usual stabbing pain I get by this time of day.  So, let’s hope things are on the mend and I can post again in a few weeks and sing the praises of being pain free and having a good working knee.

In the meantime . . . OUCH!!!!!


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